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  • everybody knows the Woman in White, but who is she? A bride? A nurse? A ghost? A schizophrenic assassin? She forgot.
  • IDENTILATOR: Short movieclips about Women in White in Hollywood-films are sorted and grouped according to keywordsearch results in a database. The multi-faceted chimaera in white appears, for instance as "amnesic/ chained", "giggling/ crazed","threatened/ rescued", or "in panic/ kissing".

    EVENTILATOR:On a second level of information, the mysterious death of German politician Uwe Barschel in a hotel room in Geneva in 1987 is retold from archived TV-news-footage. It appears that there´s a link to another woman in White, who seems to have been the last person to have visited Barschels hotelroom before his death.

    This short film was cut as a revue of videotrailers and ran as part of a video-installation piece. The site specific setup always included a blood-stained white dress and a computer connected to an internet database, which contained even more examples of Women in White plus the fragment of a webstory about an amnaesic woman waking up in a strange hotelroom in Geneva.
    Users could access this database online and enter their own media excerpts.

    Ideally, the growing media-database was to be expanded into an automatic metadata-reading story-generator.
  • Director: Friederike Anders
  • Screenplay: Friederike Anders
  • Editor (Cut): Friederike Anders
    • Production company: UdK Berlin
    • Broadcasted by: SWF
  • (1997) Nominierung zum Int. Videokunstpreis des ZKM + SWF, ZKM Karlsruhe
  • (1998) International Festival of New Film, Split / Croatia
  • (1995) Intervall, Berlin
  • (1996) Cluster Images / Werkleitz Biennale
  • (1996) Stuttgarter FIlmwinter
  • (1997) Tourprogramm des Goethe-Insitut Neuseeland
  • (1997) Webwise Artsites/ Goethe-Insititut HongKong, Hongkong
  • (1997) "Zonen der Verstörung" / Steirischer Herbst, Graz/ Österreich




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