• Wenn dein Vater sich nicht mehr an dich erinnert, hört er dann auf, dein Vater zu sein?
  • One week after a seemingly harmless car accident, a 45-year-old man wakes up with total amnesia.The doctors and family are baffled, as there is no evidence of brain damage or other physical causes.Sixteen years later, filmmaker Rick Minnich returns to his native California with a camera in search ofanswers to why his father\'s memory still hasn\'t returned. He talks with his family members, and reconstructsin detective-story fashion the period of time before and the years following the accident. Alongthe way, Rick not only discovers many deep-rooted emotions that had never been dealt with, butalso uncovers startling facts that shed a very different light on his father\'s memory loss. Was he reallystruck by a horrible affliction, or was he perhaps trying to escape from a life he could no longer lead?
  • Regie: Rick Minnich
  • Drehbuch: Rick Minnich
  • Kamera: Marcus Winterbauer, Matt Sweetwood, Rick Minnich
  • Schnitt: Matt Sweetwood
  • Komponist: Ari Benjamin Meyers
  • Produzent/in: Olaf Jacobs
  • Director of Photography: Axel Schneppat
  • Ko-Autor/in: Matt Sweetwood
  • Dirigent: Ari Benjamin Meyers
  • Sound Design: Raimund von Scheibner
  • Produktionsleiter/in: Rick Minnich
  • Steadicam Operator: Marcus Winterbauer
  • Ko-Regie: Matt Sweetwood
  • Chefredakteur: Christian Cloos
  • Ton: Rick Minnich, Matt Sweetwood
    • Produktion: Hoferichter & Jacobs GmbH
    • Ausstrahlung: ZDF-Das kleine Fernsehspiel
    • World Sales: Films Transit International, Inc. - Jan Rofekamp
  • (2008) Special Jury Award, Amsterdam
  • (2009) Lobende Erwähnung / Honorable Mention, Berlin
  • (2009) Audience Award, Kos, Greece
  • (2009) William Dieterle Filmpreis, Ludwigshafen
  • (2010) Honorable Mention, Dallas
  • (2011) Short List, Berlin
  • (2008) IDFA, Amsterdam
  • (2009) Göteborg International Film Festival, Göteborg
  • (2009) Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Saarbrücken
  • (2009) True/False Film Festival, Columbia, Missouri
  • (2009) It's All True - É Tudo Verdade, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia
  • (2009) Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  • (2009) Belfast Film Festival, Belfast
  • (2009) Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival, Toronto
  • (2009) DocAviv, Tel Aviv
  • (2009) Planete Doc Review, Warsaw
  • (2009) Achtung Berlin, Berlin
  • (2009) Doxa Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver
  • (2009) Biografilm, Bologna
  • (2009) Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival, Co. Donegal, Ireland
  • (2009) Ippokrates International Health Film Festival, Kos, Greece
  • (2009) Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Birmingham, Alabama
  • (2009) Docupolis, Barcelona
  • (2009) Festival de Cine Internacional de Ourense, Ourense, Spain
  • (2009) Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • (2009) Heartland Film Festival, Indiannapolis, Indiana
  • (2009) St. Louis International Film Festival, St. Louis, Missouri
  • (2009) Starz Denver International Film Festival, Denver, Colorado
  • (2009) GZDOC, Guangzhou
  • (2010) Nonfiktionale, Bad Aibling
  • (2010) Dallas Video Fest, Dallas
  • (2010) Shanghai TV Festival, Shanghai
  • (2010) Cleveland International Film Festival, Cleveland
  • (2010) Documentary Edge, Auckland, Wellington
  • (2010) Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona, USA
  • (2011) Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), Berlin




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