• An extremely poetic hybrid fiction ballet music film
  • The tragic tale of Euripides, the story about children who are murdered by their own mother, is a theme that has been recycled since the ancient times without losing its modern and horrible reality. Recycling Medea is an impressive film interpretation entwining the music of the incomparable Mikis Theodorakis performed by the St. Petersburg Music Academy, choreography by Renato Zanella and this ancient Greek myth with its unfortunate resonance in today’s world. Six solo dancers, including the exquisite Maria Kousouni as Medea, are seen in expressive close-ups and lyrical dance scenes in a combination of classical ballet and modern dance. These elements of grace and beauty are interwoven with rebellious hooded youths and brutal authoritative policemen who seem to enter from different, ugly world.Into this world arrives Bella Oelmann, a fifteen year old girl, portrays herself in this story. Innocence is cursed. Bella is exhausted, frustrated and without the affection a child deserves.The film is dedicated to all parents who unfortunately lack the ability to care and especially to the young people who try to understand their cruel fate; to children whose path is blocked by their own parents.
  • Regie: Asteris Kutulas
  • Drehbuch: Asteris & Ina Kutulas
  • Kamera: Mike Geranios
  • Schnitt: Babette Rosenbaum
  • Komponist: Mikis Theodorakis
  • Produzent/in: Asteris Kutulas, Klaus Salge
  • Regieassistenz: Marcia Tzivara
  • Choreograph: Renato Zanella
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Alexandros Karozas
  • Art Director: Frank Wonneberg
  • Ton: Alexandros Karozas
    • Produktion: Asti MusicNovemberfilm
  • Hauptdarsteller/in: Maria Kousouni
  • Darsteller/in: Maria Kousouni, Bella Oelmann, Andre Hennicke
  • (2014) Cinema for Peace Most Valuable Documentary Award, Berlin




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